Safety Features In Gymnastics Equipment

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Gymnastics is a sport that is made up of hard acrobatic movements which require a high level of skill and fitness. During practice gymnasts frequently make mistakes whilst trying to fine tune some of their abilities and sometimes these mistakes can lead to serious accidents. That is why modern gymnastics equipment comes with standard safety features. Whilst browsing the internet, I came across a banner tumble track for sale and naturally me being curious I clicked it just to see what safety features do tumble tracks have.

Layers made of foam or other shock absorbing materials

According to the principles of gymnastics for tumbling only the feet and hands are permitted to touch the surface of the tumbling track. However, in the event of a failed skill or mistake, a gymnast may fall to the surface head first or on their back. The material of the tumble track is padded with two layers of foam or other material which dampens the gymnast’s fall. This feature of the tumble track surface is very essential as it reduces the odds of gymnasts breaking their wrists of spraining their joints through a failed skill effort.

Padded end decks

The end decks of a tumbling track are cushioned because this is the region of the trampoline where athletes are at a high risk of falling off. The end decks ensure that when an athlete misses the trampoline by just a couple inches and part of the body brushes from it, they won’t be scratched. The padding of the end decks also dampens the fall of an athlete when they brush against it, thus reducing the effect of their collapse when they touch the floor mat.

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A spring is definitely something which is extremely familiar. Imagine an exposed spring and during its stretching and contracting action your skin comes into contact with it. Surely it would pitch you and probably not only cause you lots of pain but it could tear your skin. So as to avoid such incidences from occurring, tumble tracks have all their springs padded. The cushioning on the springs is designed in such a way that it doesn’t alter the functioning of the springs and make the trampoline rigid. Instead the trampoline maintains its complete springing capacity, with an added advantage of greater safety.

An end mat for ability dismounting

If the landing surface is tough, that will mean the transfer of energy once the gymnast’s body loses momentum on landing will lead to a force which can be so high to fracture leg bones. This mat ensures that when a gymnast makes the final landing after a fall, all the energy will be consumed, eliminating all chances of injury.

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